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│ Concept Diagram

At one o’clock the guests arrived in West Hollywood; at two o’clock they took their first photo in the tunnel by framing the car and themselves together. At five o’clock they went to the swimming pool framed in by two walls. At ten o’clock that evening, they went back to their room upstairs, and they viewed it together in frame by the balcony, taking their last photos. These photos will allow them to cherish their moments to create memories...

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│ Collage Inspiration

The inability of our language to fully capture the nuances of scents can be very frustrating. We associate scents with something - a place, a memory, a flavor - but most people struggle to describe smell on its own terms.


│ Facade Study


│ Form Language Study


│ Location Study


│ Material Study



│ Axonmetric

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Chanel Retail Store

Walking into the Chanel hotel, the form language of the photo frame corresponding to the interior and the exterior, the experience in the hotel show all the detail decoration that express the brand of Chanel. 



While you walk into the space, the frame start with thin frame to thicker frame leaving a feeling of fast transform to a slow tempo in the Chanel hotel. 



The form language connect from outside to inside bring a flow to the customers. The form language frame each moment into different memories of your live. 


Key Moment

By using the photo frame form which I was inspire by the Chanel NO.5 perfume, Chanel hotel is added with more Chanel characteristics. After frame view in the swimming pool and lounge area, whole space become more memorable and vigorous. The key moment of the view just like a photo filter frame the view of all the customer in the hotel.


│swimming Pool


Guest Room Hallway


Guest Room Orientation


The guest rooms use the same form language as the first floor of the hotel, by using the idea of photo frames to create visual and physical photo opportunities for the customer in each location. There is a wall that divides the bathroom and living room, and it has a rectangular frame that allows customer  sitting inside the bathtub to enjoy the view of Los Angeles.




The guests stays in the guest room or sitting at the balcony looking outside. The rectangular shape around you will frame the guests in a photo to create memories in the hotel.



The bathroom used the idea of framing to design a wonderful, memorable frame view for the customers beside the bathtub. The room is based on the idea that one's memory is like a time line of our lives that continues and never ends. Therefore, the room form language follow the frame idea that connect the bathroom and bedroom together, creating the best viewing spot for both spaces.


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