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Form Language


The form language for TEMPERATURE was inspired by pouring hot water into perfect cup of tea that form a miracle spiral steam around the cup. The spiral form thought out the space, which connect the space from inside to outside. The spiral shape create a welcome and invite feeling to customers.

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Material Study


Temperature used the 7 elements as the material palate from tea, wood, salt, vinegar, etc, which express the color, feeling and the richness of the texture. The texture bring the various tea colors gives the scene of the taste, history, and value into the project and use the wood grain to brought the feeling of historical level back to the project.







The tea bar experience is sharing the first floor for 7 elements retail and second floor for dinning and drinking. Both first floor or second floor can view the tea bar experience.


Take away & Reception


The entrance to TEMPERATURE using the spiral curve to invite guest to the space. The take away tea experience let customer can grab and go with the artist hand brew tea and tea basic bakery.


Bakery Sitting Area


The bakery sitting area is beside the reception, which allow guest to enjoy there hand brew tea and bakery pastry.  






The first floor retail experience is surround the space. Guests can be educate and learn each elements characteristic. The tea retail experience is located at the center at first floor, which is the highlights of the retail space. Guests can experience the tea color, texture, scent, and also learning the historical story behind the tea characteristic.



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Restaurant is the part of people and people. At the second floor, the guests can enjoy the tea and tea base food to gather people together. The guests can also view the tea bar experience at 1.5 floor.




The semi-kitchen shows the beauty of food been made for TEMPERATURE guests. The foods ingredients are provide from the store, which is the 7 elements, guests can enjoy the taste of nature ingredients. 

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Other works