│WTMU Logo Design


│ WTMU Website Design







│The Exchamber App


The exchamber can also be experience in your own room in three category, social, story and showroom. shoppers can have access to the detail program of exchamber. you can check schedule of the workshop and events, and more story behind of exchamber. Express more detail information about the stylist studio and the update shopping in berlin.





In editorial, photo is the main medium to deliver message. That’s why WTMU need backdrop area where we can take all the photos which are projecting to inside of our hotel and also updating our website. While shoppers walk thru photo studio, shoppers can feel the vibe of Berlin editorial more closely. Also, Berlin designers can rent this studio to take their collection photos.



│Style salon


Style salon is located behind the photo studio. Each chamber’s style is distinct from each other because stylists are curating their own stylist chamber from directly from Berlin fashion designers. They will let you know where you can go to shop based on your taste. Also, they can make appointments with Berlin designers for your visit.






│Packaging Service


Now, when you get back from a long day of Berlin shopping with a bunch of shopping bag, you might want to visit packaging service which is beside the reception area.









│Restaurant Seasonal Menu


As fashion changes based on each season, our chef and menu also changes. you can personalized your own menu and share you experience with others.


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